SSD + HDD on (almost) any Laptop

With the prices of SSD’s dropping and stupid people dumping their desktop computers in favor of cheap, shitty and low end laptops, OEMs are making the gap between good hardware and crappy but affordable laptops even larger. This leaves power users (who not necessarily have tons of cash) with not much options for buying a good laptop. Since they are focusing on low energy consumption and slim designs and because performance is not an issue for most people (they barely understand the difference between RAM and HDD) there’s little to no interest on selling balanced systems for people who actually care and do need good performance (but for real stuff they rather use their desktop computers). With that being said, it brings me to the point of this post. When buying a laptop you may expect only 2 or 3 possible upgrades: RAM, HDD and battery. At this point, many vendors are soldering RAM into the motherboard and getting even slimmer hard drives, leaving your upgrade options more limited. This is fine for most people. But I’m not most people and I don’t give a damn what the vendor thinks is right for me.

This guide is only good for those laptops that still come with an optical drive. Chances are that if your laptop doesn’t have one, then you either:

  1. Shouldn’t be here, get a mac maybe?
  2. You have a Facebook-only computer and/or all you do with it is covered by any modern web browser (you probably use Internet Explorer or Safari, hell, you might have managed to bring Netscape back)

Now, I’m not saying that a computer requires an optical drive. It’s just that most laptops that don’t are cheap models where the even cheaper optical drive was removed to reduce weight and production costs and there’s no real reason not to include it. I don’t use an optical drive myself for much, but that’s not the point here. Continue Reading →

10. February 2015 by Circuit Daemon
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